Waimānalo Bay Beach Park Master Plan

The City and County started Phase I of the construction of a new park with playing fields, 22 camping sites, 4 large group camping areas, fitness station, walking trails restrooms, expanding to 400+ parking stalls in our Sherwoods Forest.  The initial cost estimate is $32M in 2012.

According to the document, the City and County is both the “applicant” and the “approver” of this plan. Where are the checks and balances?

A traffic study from 2012 is outdated, it doesn’t reflect what traffic is like TODAY.

Nothing in the report reflects the likely increase of tourism on our community.

A 15 member community advisory group was handpicked by the Neighborhood board chair, names were not disclosed.

Some 2012 supporters who participated, today oppose because they felt misled.

The county already hired the contractor to demolish the Waimanalo Beach Park Pavilion.

We want to halt the project so that we can all come to the table to determine what is best for our community.

Read the 2012 Master Plan here

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