Testimony to oppose Phase I shared at todayʻs 3+ hour hearing.

Many testify in opposition to Phase I construction at the special hearing held by Council member Heidi Tsuneyoshi today. Mahalo for those that came out today and those that submitted online. Also read the Mayorʻs letter dated May 28, 2019. Some memorable quotes from testifiers says it all:

Its an overwhelming feeling of being over-run, bulldozed and dismissed.

Leave nature… nature

“Keiki” only mentioned in the plan to paint the walls, even though you said its for them.

Should never gotten this far.

Frankly, Oʻahu is falling apart but yet you are tearing down trees that takes 100s and 100s of years to grow.

I watch the destruction everyday while sign waving.

Why do WE pay with the quality of our lives for others outside of our community?

Its sad to see the destruction, the hewa, the auwe. This project will change the feeling and being of our place forever.

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  1. Nice post. Dale writes: ”
    It says “public hearings were held as early as 2010”; this implies that we have all known about this for a long time. The number of show-and-tell sessions PBR conducted was just 3, possibly 4, and the attendance at them is a matter of record, in the master plan document. I haven’t counted, but it was not a lot of people. And “hearings” is too big a word to describe those sessions, which presented the plan as a done deal.

    Then there’s the time lag. Since 2010–2012, nobody said nuttin’. Where was the big Ta-Dah when they began this project in April, with the officials and bureaucrats with their silver shovels and ribbon-cutting, a pula by a kupuna, reporters and photographers, maybe the old Fatal Fifteen plan-makers invited to see their dream start to be realized, and speeches by Anderson and Caldwell about the wonderful thing they are doing for the keiki ??? Nothing like that, just bulldozers at dawn.

    It says a final EA was published in 2012 “after a 30-day public comment period.” Because I had participated in the 2010 “hearings,” you would think I would have been informed about the opportunity to comment on the EA…but I wasn’t, and I have no idea who was.

    The paper bemoans the great loss of taxpayer money should the project be halted. I am told there is such a thing as a “change order,” and that these are more than common in the contractual relations between state and city government and contractors. Thus the “lost” funds might be channeled to work more in line with the community’s wishes. This is a point worth looking into.”
    Can they change order this project? Are we going Wednesday back to Hon. Hale to ask Park and Rec about Waimanalo’s parks’ situations?


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