Submit Testimony for Bill 11 and Resolution 19-91 scheduled for tomorrow

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Submit Testimony on Bill 11 related to Sherwoods, Waimānalo Bay Beach Park and Waimānalo District Park. SOS will provide the following, we encourage you to state your position by submitting written testimony here.

Our parks and recreational facilities are in extreme disrepair due to the lack of the city’s commitment, appropriate resource allocation and absence of a maintenance plan to prevent such poor conditions. We strongly support Resolution 19-91, CD1 that proposes to conduct a performance audit of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

              We are providing the following positions on Bill 11, CD 2, Proposed FD1 as follows:


Waimānalo Bay Beach Park $100,000- Plan, design, construct and inspect for planting of native Hawaiʻi flora to replace invasive vegetation recently removed.

Development of the Sherwoods continues to progress despite strong opposition of our community.  This additional project is in direct opposition to the commitment made by Caldwell to not move beyond Phase I.  While we recognize the value of planting native flora, no community consultation was done to determine if this is a collective community priority.

Waimānalo Beach Park- $500,000- Plan, design, construct and inspect improvements including but not limited to the comfort station, backstop and reconstruction of the pavilion.

Improvements to the comfort station and backstop are necessary however the total amount allocated is not enough for the reconstruction of the pavilion as well. Therefore a separate allocation must be made. 

We understand the city intends to replace the current pavilion with a post and sail tent system as a “temporary structure”. We disagree and urge the city to allocate the appropriate amount necessary to replace our existing permanent structure with a permanent structure.  A temporary structure is not an acceptable nor a comparable replacement.


Waimānalo District Park $1.1M– Plan, design, construct, and inspect park improvements including, but not limited to, the two play fields, repair or replacement of the gym roof, and resurfacing of the parking lot.

Much needed repairs to our existing community facilities are a priority. We commend Chair Anderson and the council for including funding to support our community needs.

We expect that Chair Anderson will engage our community in this effort, especially if the City intends on deviating from repairs and/or reallocating any portion of the District park for new uses.


Waimānalo District Park Skate Park $250,000– Plan, design, construct and inspect a skate park at Waimānalo District Park.

We urge Chair Anderson to seek input from our community, not just at the neighborhood board, to determine if a new skate park is a priority over the repair and maintenance of the existing parks or other needs we may have.


  1. Please listen to the voice of the community requesting that the Sherwood Forest remains intact and address maintenance of current facilities previously built. Refrain from any further development and threatening native species and wildlife.

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  2. The only option I think are to fix the parks we currently have at any cost. Way more useless projects that cost a lot more money have been undertaken in the past. Stop the phase one project, replant the trees, fix the gym and the surrounding parks that surround it. Also, repair Waimānalo beach parks field and the pavilion. A skate park can be talked about after all the repairs are done and only when everybody knows about it. No meetings should be held about anything in Waimānalo without the entire waimanalo board present. Shoots


  3. Yes, Anderson needs to get community input is so right!
    Thanks, gang. More transparency needed as usual.



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