Waimānalo Neighborhood Board votes to support Resolution to stop Phase I

At its June 10 ,2019 meeting, the board voted to pass our resolution to urge the mayor to stop Phase I. The resolution was presented at the May meeting where the majority of the board members refused to add it to the agenda for consideration.

The resolution was added to the June meeting, where it was passed. A second resolution that proposed to support the Mayor’s decision to continue phase I was removed from the agenda. Download the draft below, underlined words notes updates from the May draft.


Ensure the WNB delivers resolution by FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2019 to Mayor Caldwell, Ikaika Anderson, City Council members, Laura Thielen, Chris Lee and all other Neighborhood Boards.

Ensure the board establish a committee of board members and community members to plan and facilitate such discussions and will seek financial resources from the City and County, State and other resources to support this effort.

We also want to send a BIG MAHALO to the Kailua Neighborhood Board who voted on a resolution to support our efforts to stop Phase I. This means so much to us as a neighboring community. Mahalo to Karin Leland O’Mahony and Jody Green and others who went to the KNB last week.


  1. Yes-we certainly need committees within our Neighborhood Board. I think the reason we got so riled up was because the board was not hearing us and this is the very place Sherwoods’ destruction started. No transparency to community. We are awake now and WNB is supposed to represent Waimanalo. With S. A. gone, we can turn this kangaroo Court around to serve us-not special interests. Congrats to the new members!


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