Statement by the Board regarding September 18, 2019 Private Stakeholder Meeting hosted by the Mayor.


Statement by the Board regarding September 18, 2019

Private Stakeholder Meeting on Sherwoods


Mayor’s private stakeholder meeting failed to accomplish his agenda. On September 18, 2019, Mayor Kirk Caldwell hosted a “Private Stakeholder Meeting” regarding Waimānalo Bay Beach Park (a.k.a. Sherwoods Forest). Select stakeholder organizations were invited and instructed that only 1-2 representatives could participate. Select community members and select members of the Waimānalo Neighborhood Board were also invited.

SOS agreed to participate in the meeting as this project is the very reason we exist.  However, we do not condone, nor agree that participants should have been hand-selected and limited.

We applaud our Waimānalo community members who heard about the meeting, showed up, and refused to be silent.

Caldwell and his team updated the group on the Phase I of the master plan and the next step of planting trees. Other agenda items regarding the national registry, Iwi Kūpuna, water use and removal of trees/plants were never discussed.

Caldwell wanted to “start the process of healing” for our community at this meeting. However, community members reminded him that he is the one causing the divide and his only reason for showing up is the community’s opposition to this project. He also said that others from the outside should not weigh in on what our community wants. Yet, despite significant opposition to this project from our community, he will continue to move forward with Phase I and the tree planting.

We were informed that Construction will resume on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 and expected to continue through November.

If the Mayor truly supports the idea that our community should decide what we want, then we urge him to stop the project and take a second look.

Under any circumstance, this meeting was not true stakeholder engagement and must not be used to satify any government required stakeholder meetings.


Kūʻikeokalani Kamakea-Ohelo

Pelekikena (Board President)

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