Sherwoods on the Oahu Island Burial Council Agenda 10/9

The Oahu Island Burial Council will be discussing Sherwoods (Item #IV. Waimānalo Bay Beach Park Project). This meeting is for information and discussion, we encourage you to participate by providing testimony. We want the council to know how important our iwi kūpuna at Hūnānāniho is to our community and how proper process was not followed.

The following is from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs website .

Kuleana of Island Burial Councils

The island burial councils play a crucial role in the care of iwi kūpuna (ancestral remains) found in Native Hawaiian burial sites. Island burial council members meet on a monthly basis to:

  • Determine whether previously identified Native Hawaiian burial sites will be preserved in place or relocated.
  • Assist the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and its State Historic Preservation Division in developing an inventory of Native Hawaiian burial sites.
  • Make recommendations regarding appropriate management, treatment, and protection of Native Hawaiian burial sites, and on any other matters related to Native Hawaiian burial sites.

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